L2k Pheromone

An Honest L2k Pheromone Review: Facts You Need To Know

L2k Pheromone


If you are looking for a natural way to attract the woman you like, the L2k Pheromone is probably the one thing that suits your needs. Read this L2k Pheromone review to know more about this interesting product.


L2k Pheromone – What Is It?

It is the newest offering from the Alpha Dream line. This pheromone for men is made with a one-of-a-kind formula in order to help men attract the woman they like. When used, it helps men achieve a special kind of confidence and a sexually attractive aura.


The Benefits It Can Offer


A Product Worth Your Money

This pheromone is made in a specially-designed laboratory in order to make sure every bottle is of high quality. And since it is able to live up to its promise, every penny you spend on the product is worth it.


It Has No Side Effects

This is another good thing about the porduct. Every bottle of the pheromone is made of high quality ingredients to make sure that it is safe for its users. The product does not cause skin rashes or irritations.


Offers Great Customer Support

If in case you have questions about this pheromone, you can contact their online customer support.


It is Easy to Use

There is no need to worry about using the product. It is so simple and easy to use. In order to take advantage of its benefits, you only have to put one or two sprays on the primary pulse points of your body including your neck or the underside of your wrists. The pheromone can last for many hours.


Final Thoughts

There are many pheromones available on the market. It is always best to choose a brand that knows exactly what you need. Good thing, the L2k Pheromone offers you the highest quality pheromone at a reasonable price.


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L2k Pheromone

Certo Pheromone Review

Certo Pheromone


If you are looking for a way to attract someone or have a long term love bonding with the woman you like, the Certo Pheromone can be the one thing you need. Studies suggest that pheromones are efficient airborne chemical messengers released from the body in order to attract potential mates.

If you would like to know more about the product, read this Certo pheromone review.


What Is It?

It is a specifically-formulated chemical that acts as a social lubricant, confidence booster, and sexual attractant. This formula is made to help men attract the woman of their dreams. It helps men have an air of trustworthiness. It is packed with an intimate pheromone formulation for romantic and long term bonding.


The Benefits of Using Certo Pheromone


It is safe to use

Pheromones are naturally produced by the body. However, they have the tendency to be removed from the skin, that is why a using a specially-formulated pheromone is a good idea. And since it is made from organic ingredients, there is no need to worry about any side effects.


It is effective

Each bottle of the product is checked to ensure the highest quality. Each formula is meticulously designed in order to attract people into your life. Alpha Dream, the creator of the pheromone, guarantees everyone that their products are made in modern laboratory settings. They are made using highly advanced pheromone technology.


It is easy to use

Using this pheromone is simple and easy. You just have to apply one or two sprays on primary pulse-points such as the underside of the wrists or the neck. Keep in mind, however, that it is for external use only.

Indeed, the Certo Pheromone is specifically designed to help men in creating a long term love and pair bonding with the woman of their dreams.


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L2k Pheromone

Benefits of Pheromone Perfume

Pheromone Perfume


The reasons many women wear pheromone perfume is not only to make them smell nicer, but also to attract the opposite sex. Typical perfumes can be a bit overwhelming, and that’s why most of them are opting to spray themselves with women’s pheromone perfume. This enables them to please any man that she wants as it improves his attraction to her.

So what does women’s pheromone perfume does for you?

It enables you to meet new men- some women remain on the hunt to find their perfect match. Whether you have trouble meeting any new man or you only attract the wrong men, using perfumes implanted with pheromones might help you attract men more easily. While you will learn how to keep your man after grabbing his attention, you are going to find it extremely easy to find any man.

It will help you please your man- if you are in a relationship, you may wonder whether you really need to use pheromone perfumes for women or not. After getting the attention of your man, you shouldn’t be content with that; you need to keep him interested all the time. With this perfume, you can bring that spark back into your relationship. When you start wearing this perfume, your man will find himself more attracted to you than ever before. Even if you are yet to experience trouble in your relationship, it is always good to spice your relationship by keeping the fire burning.

It will also make you feel more confident- in the event that you are meeting a new guy or you want to spice up your relationship; you can use this perfume to help you feel more confident. By feeding your mind that you are attractive, you will feel more confident about your life and your abilities. Confidence will give you an edge when you want to win over a man’s interest or attention.

Pheromone perfume has been proven to be effective in helping women attract the men that they want.

Pheromone Perfume

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L2k Pheromone

How Does Pheromone Spray Work?

Pheromone Spray


Using pheromone spray to enhance your cologne will help you become more attractive in a social situation where there are ladies. This guide will provide insight on how pheromone spray for men works. However, before we narrow down to how they work, let’s all dispel some misrepresented and bizarre claims some people are making about pheromone perfumes. This product will not make you masculine or enhance your looks, but they will enhance your attractiveness and approachability.

Here are some basic guidelines you should follow when using pheromone perfume especially if you are using a new perfume for the first time;


They are for external use only; you should never ingest them.

  • Care must be taken not to contaminate products through direct skin contact. Use an eye dropper as long as there is no direct contact between the end of the eyedropper and your skin, or you can use a refillable atomizer to apply pheromones.
  • Read and follow any mixing instructions carefully before using your product.
  • Men should only apply products that highlight their friendliness, masculinity, and approachability. Basically, they should always use products that attract women. The vice versa applies to women.


With that in mind, let’s see how pheromone spray works;

  • The scent of pheromone in the spray gets heated by the body and diffuses into the air and reaches the noses of women.
  • Their olfactory system, which starts in the nose, bypasses the rational brain thereby interfering with women decision-making ability.
  •  This information is relayed directly to the behavioral center inside the woman’s brain which influences their reasoning
  • The information relayed by pheromone spray scent is positive and will make her see you as a healthy, fit, and understanding guy. The brain triggers a sexual response in them which makes it easier for you like a guy to win over a woman.

However, not all pheromone spray brands will work effectively; it just depends on the concentration of pheromones as well the combination of ingredients in a product.

Pheromone Spray

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L2k Pheromone

How to Use Pheromone Cologne

Pheromone Cologne


Applying your pheromone cologne on your clothes and your neck might not give you an edge over the others. There’s a way you should use your perfume so that it can have maximum impacts of ladies around you. The ingredients used in various pheromone perfume brands are well balanced to provide the intended effect, but you must learn how to use them properly to avoid confusing those around you. You can confirm the list of ingredients used in your preferred brands. Also, you can read Pheromone cologne review of your brand to learn more about it and how you can maximize its impact.


How to Use Pheromone Cologne


Find your “sweet spot.”

This is where you get the best effects from your perfume. Whether you apply two or three sprays, when you find your sweet spot, you’ll have the best effects on other people. Applying too much of it will make people ignore you.

The idea of locating your sweet spot is to ensure pheromones diffuse well so that they are projected outwards from your body in order to work their magic on the people around you. Usually, these are the spots where body heat is sufficient.


Apply pheromone cologne in max diffusion spots

These spots include;

  • Adam’s apple – Applying it on your neck is great because there’s sufficient heat. Also, it works great when you are on a date, and your girl leans in close to get a scent of the pheromones.
  • Jawline – This is great to your nose and will provide a great self-effects.
  • Hair – This will work fine if you have short hair or a bald. The head produces a lot of heat. However, ensure you don’t use hair gel or wax on your head.
  • Chest – It is another great spot.
  • On clothing and under light clothing.


Cleaning pheromone cologne properly

After use, clean these colognes by using a scrubber to get rid of dead skin cells. If you applied it on your clothes, you can use a stronger detergent or light peroxide to clean them off effectively.

That’s how to use pheromones cologne to get great self-effect.

Pheromone Cologne

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L2k Pheromone

Types of Male Pheromones

Male Pheromones


Male pheromones are chemicals that are produced by men, and are essential for many functions, with the main one being to subconsciously attract their female counterparts. There are several types of pheromones produced by men which make them more desirable to women. There are many male pheromones cologne brands on the market, and that’s why it’s important to understand the various types of pheromones and what they do so that you can have an easier time choosing the right product.


Types of Male Pheromones

Male pheromone increases sex drive and enables you to attract ladies in social gatherings. There four main types of pheromones that work together to create the desired effect. These include androsterone, androstenone, androstadienone, and androstenol.



Of the four pheromones, Androstenone is the most potent when it comes to sexual attraction. This pheromones increases sexual desires in women and can make you, as a man, become more attractive to women for a sexual partner or potential mate. It also amplifies your mood and makes you seem a dominant male that’s hard to ignore.



This is primarily associated with masculinity. This pheromone has shown to create the impression of peaceful, protective and reliable alpha make. Products with this pheromones make you appear masculine and trustworthy.



Often referred to as vomeropherin or A1, androstadienone acts on the chemicals in the brain that affects attention and mood. It increases feelings of intimacy, affection, and comfort in women. Many men in long term relationship or those in marriage choose products that contain high levels of androstadienone to elevate feelings of affection with their ladies and to improve their love life.



A product that has this pheromone works by making a man appear approachable. Men who fear to talk to women or those who are a bit shy find this pheromone helpful as it helps minimize awkwardness when talking to women because it will make women approach them more easily. It makes you feel more outgoing and friendly, hence you’ll look approachable to women.


The Bottom Line

Those choosing to wear male pheromones colognes should take their time to determine the type of pheromone used so that they can get positive responses that they want.

Male Pheromones

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L2k Pheromone

What is Pheromone Perfume?

Pheromone Perfume


If you love perfumes, you may have noticed that there are many pheromone perfume brands making their way to the shelves nowadays. They claim to make you sexually attractive. Have you ever wondered why some men always attract cute ladies, even though they have nothing to show off? The vice versa is also true. Ladies too can attract men in the same way. Well, this happens all the time. Sometimes we wonder what’s so special about these guys.

Most people fail to realize that natural pheromones play a vital role in attracting women towards you. Men whose body produce a small amount of pheromones can often go unnoticed by women. Those whose bodies secrete a large amount of pheromone gets an overwhelming attraction towards them without consciously realizing it.

The truth is that our bodies naturally secrete and produce natural pheromones. However, the unfortunate part is that our bodies may not produce enough to make a significant impact on women around us. That’s why many companies have come up with some of the best pheromone perfume brands to give men with low secretion of natural pheromones or those who simply want to be more attractive an edge over the rest.


Does Pheromone perfume really work?

The answer is yes; pheromone perfume does really work. However, not all perfume brands with pheromones do work, as they aren’t created equal. In order for a product to work properly, it needs to have the right combination of ingredients. More importantly, the products need to have enough concentration of ingredients that make a significant impact on women.


The Bottom Line

Using pheromones to enhance your perfume or cologne can give an advantage in social gatherings. Although it won’t make you better looking or stronger, it will help the opposite sex identify you as an approachable person and induce a conversation with you. Pheromone perfume fragrances have been proven to have a noticeable impact when attracting the opposite sex and therefore, they do really work.

Pheromone Perfume

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L2k Pheromone

How to Make Human Pheromones

human pheromones


Human pheromones have become quite popular in the recent years’ thanks to their natural effects. If you are in need of some special abilities to attract women, human pheromones perfume can do a great job. You can create these pheromones at home using various methods whereby you use a combination of several things.


How you can make your own human pheromones perfume

Purchase aromatherapy essential oils from your nearby store. You can test with different smells until you ascertain what works for you and what doesn’t. However, for those who are aware of their favorite fragrance, you can skip choosing various smells.

To make your human pheromones perfume, you’ll require three aromatherapy oils from all of the notes family. Top notes include citrus smells, light floral smells, and arousing smells such as tea tree oil or vanilla. A herbal scent such as floral scent, rosemary, and some spicy fragrances such as cinnamon and marjoram could be an ideal combination.

Select your favorite base note as this is what will linger the longest. Ensure that you find the one that smells nice on you as you’ll wear it for longer. These smells could be anything from vanilla to woody scent and spicy scent.

Buy one bottle of concentrated female pheromone from a pharmacy. The price of these concentrated formulae is determined by the percentage of female pheromone.

Gather all these materials and place them where you can mix them well.

Combine a quarter cup of vodka, base essential oil, and two drops of each of the essential oils that you purchased. Add a small amount of female pheromone to it without doing it in excess as this will adversely affect your appeal. Shake the mixture well. Store it in cool, dark place for a week or two. However, shake your bottle now and then.

Open the bottle after the storage period is over and add some distilled water. Test it at any point. Add more distilled water if the smell is too overwhelming.

That’s’ how you make your own human pheromones perfume at home.

Human Pheromones

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