How to Make Human Pheromones

human pheromones


Human pheromones have become quite popular in the recent years’ thanks to their natural effects. If you are in need of some special abilities to attract women, human pheromones perfume can do a great job. You can create these pheromones at home using various methods whereby you use a combination of several things.


How you can make your own human pheromones perfume

Purchase aromatherapy essential oils from your nearby store. You can test with different smells until you ascertain what works for you and what doesn’t. However, for those who are aware of their favorite fragrance, you can skip choosing various smells.

To make your human pheromones perfume, you’ll require three aromatherapy oils from all of the notes family. Top notes include citrus smells, light floral smells, and arousing smells such as tea tree oil or vanilla. A herbal scent such as floral scent, rosemary, and some spicy fragrances such as cinnamon and marjoram could be an ideal combination.

Select your favorite base note as this is what will linger the longest. Ensure that you find the one that smells nice on you as you’ll wear it for longer. These smells could be anything from vanilla to woody scent and spicy scent.

Buy one bottle of concentrated female pheromone from a pharmacy. The price of these concentrated formulae is determined by the percentage of female pheromone.

Gather all these materials and place them where you can mix them well.

Combine a quarter cup of vodka, base essential oil, and two drops of each of the essential oils that you purchased. Add a small amount of female pheromone to it without doing it in excess as this will adversely affect your appeal. Shake the mixture well. Store it in cool, dark place for a week or two. However, shake your bottle now and then.

Open the bottle after the storage period is over and add some distilled water. Test it at any point. Add more distilled water if the smell is too overwhelming.

That’s’ how you make your own human pheromones perfume at home.

Human Pheromones

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