How Does Pheromone Spray Work?

Pheromone Spray


Using pheromone spray to enhance your cologne will help you become more attractive in a social situation where there are ladies. This guide will provide insight on how pheromone spray for men works. However, before we narrow down to how they work, let’s all dispel some misrepresented and bizarre claims some people are making about pheromone perfumes. This product will not make you masculine or enhance your looks, but they will enhance your attractiveness and approachability.

Here are some basic guidelines you should follow when using pheromone perfume especially if you are using a new perfume for the first time;


They are for external use only; you should never ingest them.

  • Care must be taken not to contaminate products through direct skin contact. Use an eye dropper as long as there is no direct contact between the end of the eyedropper and your skin, or you can use a refillable atomizer to apply pheromones.
  • Read and follow any mixing instructions carefully before using your product.
  • Men should only apply products that highlight their friendliness, masculinity, and approachability. Basically, they should always use products that attract women. The vice versa applies to women.


With that in mind, let’s see how pheromone spray works;

  • The scent of pheromone in the spray gets heated by the body and diffuses into the air and reaches the noses of women.
  • Their olfactory system, which starts in the nose, bypasses the rational brain thereby interfering with women decision-making ability.
  •  This information is relayed directly to the behavioral center inside the woman’s brain which influences their reasoning
  • The information relayed by pheromone spray scent is positive and will make her see you as a healthy, fit, and understanding guy. The brain triggers a sexual response in them which makes it easier for you like a guy to win over a woman.

However, not all pheromone spray brands will work effectively; it just depends on the concentration of pheromones as well the combination of ingredients in a product.

Pheromone Spray

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