Types of Male Pheromones

Male Pheromones


Male pheromones are chemicals that are produced by men, and are essential for many functions, with the main one being to subconsciously attract their female counterparts. There are several types of pheromones produced by men which make them more desirable to women. There are many male pheromones cologne brands on the market, and that’s why it’s important to understand the various types of pheromones and what they do so that you can have an easier time choosing the right product.


Types of Male Pheromones

Male pheromone increases sex drive and enables you to attract ladies in social gatherings. There four main types of pheromones that work together to create the desired effect. These include androsterone, androstenone, androstadienone, and androstenol.



Of the four pheromones, Androstenone is the most potent when it comes to sexual attraction. This pheromones increases sexual desires in women and can make you, as a man, become more attractive to women for a sexual partner or potential mate. It also amplifies your mood and makes you seem a dominant male that’s hard to ignore.



This is primarily associated with masculinity. This pheromone has shown to create the impression of peaceful, protective and reliable alpha make. Products with this pheromones make you appear masculine and trustworthy.



Often referred to as vomeropherin or A1, androstadienone acts on the chemicals in the brain that affects attention and mood. It increases feelings of intimacy, affection, and comfort in women. Many men in long term relationship or those in marriage choose products that contain high levels of androstadienone to elevate feelings of affection with their ladies and to improve their love life.



A product that has this pheromone works by making a man appear approachable. Men who fear to talk to women or those who are a bit shy find this pheromone helpful as it helps minimize awkwardness when talking to women because it will make women approach them more easily. It makes you feel more outgoing and friendly, hence you’ll look approachable to women.


The Bottom Line

Those choosing to wear male pheromones colognes should take their time to determine the type of pheromone used so that they can get positive responses that they want.

Male Pheromones

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